Mezzanine Floors

The beauty of architecture shows its self in many ways. Mezzanine floors are one of my favorite – I am looking for away to fit one into my house. Mezzanine floors are also called balconies or entresols. A mezzanine floor is a platform normally found raised up against a wall. This type of floor is unique and different from a standard floor in a building because it shares the same ceiling as the floor beneath it.

So essentially a mezzanine floor is a raised platform that is held up by steel beams or wooden supports and is completely autonomous of the mezzanine floorsstructure it is in. The main use for these floors is to give you addition over head space that you normally couldn’t use otherwise.

These floors are a great place for extra storage, work and production space, office space, and retail space. You may have been seated on a mezzanine floor at a restaurant, church, or even theater. This type of floor is considered to be one the best economic and efficient way of having more storage capability and floor space.

Mezzanine floors have no standard sizes they can be anywhere from 60m x 40m to 2m x 2m wide and as high as they need to be. You can stack as many mezzanine floors in a building as you want or need. Along with them you can have special lifts or access gates to suit your personal needs.

With a mezzanine floor you can expect many great advantages like – they are totally demountable, the best way to increase space, cost effective, stops you from having to relocate – due to space, endless design and style options, easily integrates with existing area, quick construction – less down time for your business, and can fit any décor you already have.