Mezzanine Accessories

After you have decided to purchase a Mezzanine for your business there are many accessories that you can purchase that will give you get the full benefit of having a Mezzanine. These accessories can add everything from protection to your goods or products or to the people that use the Mezzanine. Along with protect these accessories can also help utilize the extra space you receive from having a Mezzanine.

The first accessory you will want to make sure you have constructed along with your Mezzanine system is a set of stairs or ladders these are a must have if you plan on being able to access your Mezzanine directly. There are many different kinds of access point options available for you to choose from like – stairs that come with either open or closed treads, and caged or un-caged ladders. Make sure that the access point option you choose and have constructed meets the OSHA requirements necessary.

Next for protection you will want to look into – guard railing, gates, and security fences. All of these play a special part in protecting your workers and assets. Gates are an important part of your Mezzanine and necessary if your want to restrict access to certain areas. There are many different styles of gates you can use depending on what your needs are. You can try gates that swing, slide, or pivot open.

For safety there are many items made specially for Mezzanines. One of the most important is a hand rail and guard rail system that can be incorporated into your Mezzanine system to give your employees the safety they need while working on or around the Mezzanine. Here is a list of other Mezzanine accessories you will want to look into to make sure you get the most of your Mezzanine.


  • Guard railing kit
  • Corner guard rail
  • Stairs/ladders
  • Gates
  • Landing right hand/left hand
  • Fire protection – sprinkler system
  • Materials Lifts
  • Pallet Drops
  • Lighting
  • Security Fences