Mezzanine Types

Mezzanines are made from many different kinds of material like – structural steel, cold rolled steel, stainless steel, aluminum, fiberglass, and rack supported. Depending on which type of material you choose you Mezzanine to be constructed from will affect what you can do with your Mezzanine and how much the Mezzanine will cost you.

Structural Steel Mezzanines are great if you need good column spacing. The open web bar joists the come with having this type of Mezzanine system make it easy to run water pipes and electrical conduit. In addition to being able to easily run pipes and conduit – you will have a more open system giving you a clear and easy work area.

Using structural steel to construct your Mezzanine is the most inexpensive rout. But it will be heavier than any other Mezzanine system – causing it to have a greater floor and dead load than the other systems. Because it is so heavy not all structures will be able to hold one without damage to the floor.

Cold rolled steel Mezzanines are made of sheet metal making them much lighter than structural steel. This type of material has a much smoother finish than structural steel – making it great for display. Especially if you are going to have it set up in a public building. You have the option with cold rolled steel to have it pre-galvanized before construction. Cold rolled steel setups can’t handle very high loads and has limited column spacing.

Stainless steel Mezzanines are highly expensive and come with limited column spacing as well. But well worth it if you are in a food processing plant and need space. Because this type of Mezzanine is FDA approved.

Aluminum made Mezzanines are a lot like Structural fiberglass Mezzanines in the fact that they will not rust. If you plan on having to reconfigure your Mezzanine than Aluminum is a good choice because it is very light weight. But aluminum may not be for you if you need something super strong that can hold massive weight. In addition you will need a big budget if you want aluminum. Because it can sometimes cost as much as five times more than steel.

If you want massive amounts of storage space than rack supported Mezzanines are for you. But be careful with this type of Mezzanine system if you think you will need to reconfigure it often. Once they are setup it is not easy to reconfigure.